Anna Utopia Giordano

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Pulp La revue n.1

I'm featured in Pulp La revue n°1 Féminin/Masculin

I’m featured in Pulp La revue n°1 Féminin/Masculin

Me and the first issue of the new french magazine Pulp, a big thank and best wishes to the editorial staff!


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Utopia is questioning society’s views of beauty not only in her Venus works, but in another series of works as well. In her “My Social Generation: Please, don’t try this at home!” series, she takes photographs of herself in poses that would be used on social networks by teenagers and Photoshops them.
The photos are unfortunately accurate in depicting how minors are displaying themselves online. Is displaying oneself at awkward camera angles considered “beauty” in today’s society for children?
It’s hard to believe something like a poorly edited Facebook picture can be art. But in Giordano’s context, it serves a new purpose and it becomes art.

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Aggiornamenti & News

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