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“Straciłam kilka bogiń w drodze z południa na północ, / a także wielu bogów w drodze ze wschodu na zachód. / Zgasło mi raz na zawsze parę gwiazd, rozstąp się niebo. / Zapadła mi się w morze wyspa jedna, druga. / Nie wiem nawet dokładnie, gdzie zostawiłam pazury […]”
Premowiene w biurze znalezionych rzeczy – Wisława Szymborska


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Rapsodie, 2DayBit and new projects!

Some of my poems, two unpublished until now, are featured in the June issue of  Le reti di Dedalus, in the Audio Poetry section.
The direct link to the audio file and to the downloadable pdf is

Last week I was in Rome for a new photo set with photographer Paolo Del Frate and the make-up artist Deborah Tufano, I’ve seen the previews: cool stuff online soon!

I’m writing something different from poetry lately. It is a rather long work especially for the endless historical research that I am conducting in order to give a good base to the final product, in spite of this I think that it will be ready by the end of August. I found the perfect place for writing in Campania, a very nice café where the homemade ice cream is great. I admit that sometimes (always!) I miss the café in New York or Milan, but here there are fewer distractions. However, I scheduled a trip to Milan next month for some collaborations (and I’m so happy to meet all my friends!).

After the release of my last visual project #BornToBeVirtual (Oct. 2013), I’m also working on two new digital series.

One last thing: the blog of the new project 2DayBit is officially online, it is updated by me and my friend Alice. Yes, I know, someone will say: “Does the world really need another fashion blog?”. Well, do not worry: it’s not exactly a fashion blog, let’s say – for now – that the “fashion thing” is just a “cover”.
A cover for what? You will see in the coming months!

A huge thanks to all my supporters!





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L’attimo / Moment


Un attimo di chiarezza dura così poco.
L’oscurità resta più a lungo. Vi sono
più oceani che terraferma.
Più ombra che forma.

di Adam Zagajewski“Dalla vita degli oggetti” (Adelphi)



Clear moments are so short.
There is much more darkness. More
ocean than terra firma. More
shadow than form.

by Adam Zagajewski – english version found online here and here