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Naked Truths

The project Naked Truths, in which I am involved as mentor (and as always I’m an all-rounder who also manages other aspects if needed), is born thanks to the enthusiastic ideative spirit of Bianca S. Mendoza, a talented American choreographer. After reading the first draft of what she had in mind I could not do anything but accept the proposal despite the many miles away… I thank Binki for contacting and involving me with this amazing project.

The main question of the project is:

What is exploitation of the nude human body and when does it come into play?

I am sure that this will be an amazing journey around the concept of the body.  Maybe it will be hard as all trips in more or less “wild” areas, but you will see many interesting things.

(Is the body a wild territory?)

naked truths

A few words about me and my body…
Writing poems, acting, posing as a photo model, live performances, creative social and conceptual projects: all of this has spontaneously led me to think about  the body and my relationship with it.  And as much as I try to develop a clear opinion about it I am promptly disrupted by new collaborations that make me know new aspects of the human mind and body.  This is why my idea about these topics is constantly changing and, in the Naked Truths‘s context, I prefer not to give a precise explanation of what I think about it and instead I prefer to share with you a few questions:

Why do you think what you think?
Why do you do what you do?
How and how much are thought and action connected?
What does it mean to “control” the body?
Be & Appear: where are the limits?
How are stereotypes and myths constructed? And would humans be able to live without them?
How much influence do the media and education have in our relationship  with ourselves?

If you want to share with us your point of view on the subject and be part of the Naked Truths then take a look at the official website and get involved! We want to hear your voice!