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“Is it good for a creature to be smart? Ask Hamlet.
And bear in that when selection has finally finished doing its thing, it’s more than likely that the cockroach will inherit the earth. Whether a trait militates for a creature’s fitness is the same question as whether there’s an `ecological niche’ for creatures that have the trait to occupy; and that always depends on what
else is going on in the neighborhood.
Is it good to be a square peg? Not if the local holes are mostly round.”

from “Against Darwinism” –  J. Fodor –

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Sullo sviluppo

della coscienza.

Pensiero consapevole: critico prima di tutto verso se stessi e le proprie scelte (con scelte intendo anche le azioni), in qualsiasi campo. E capace di risalire – o, almeno, che possiede la volontà di risalire – alle cause delle proprie azioni e di ciò che pensa. Capace di evolversi.

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