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Morphrame – White Page Gallery/s

My online free digital art gallery Morphrame is online, it is part of the larger White Page Gallery Network.
Morphrame hosts poetry, experimental music, video art, new media art, performing art and, if you have a video or streaming link, theatrical performances. I am currently open for suggestions for the upcoming shows, write me for more info.

From the WPG/s statement: “The White Page Gallery is a new culture for art curatorial practices based on the values such as sharing, caring, openness and inclusivity. The White Page Gallery/s are a distributed community and network made of independent online galleries in the format of web page hosted on the websites of artists, curators, academies, festivals and other art and cultural operators and aficionados. The White Page Gallery is a concept happening every time someone or a group of people opens a WPG on their/her/his website dedicating a web page to others’s exhibitions and art projects. The White Page Gallery happens every time a connection and a collaboration are established between a host and a guest. The WPG’s host offers a space and the setting up. The WPG’s guests offer the contents. Every host of the WPG has their/her/his own rules for their own gallery.”

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No Humans @ Mac3

Seconda tappa per la collettiva No Humans, presente ancora l’anteprima di Vanitas e le mie PopBottles.
Second expo of the group show Ho Humans, with a previwe from my new series Vanitas e 3 PopBottles.


NO HUMANS, 6-28 maggio 2016 (opening 6 maggio, ore 18.00) @ Mac3 Museo Arte Contemporanea di Caserta / a cura di Massimo Sgroi
con opere di Güler Ates / Gianluca Capozzi / Chiara Coccorese / Davide Coltro / Paola De Gregorio / Enrico De Paris / Anna Utopia Giordano / Gaetano Imparato / Tito Huang / Richard Kern / Pietro Lista / Antonello Matarazzo / Simon Reilly / Susy Saulle

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No Humans @ Museo Irpino

Durante la mostra collettiva No Humans, a cura di Massimo Sgroi, visibile al Museo Irpino dal 14 al 21 Aprile 2016, ho presentato finalmente una anteprima della nuova serie Vanitas; il primo dei lavori del nuovo ciclo è visibile dietro di me nella fotografia qui sotto. Si tratta di una bara brandizzata Tiffany! Come si dice? #AlwaysAndForever.
Di solito realizzo le mie opere del tutto con tecniche digitali, invece questa volta ho usato fiori veri, nastri e fotografia… insomma, si tratta di una bara realizzata a mano personalmente!

During the group show No Humans @ Museo Irpino (14-21 April 2016), curated by Massimo Sgroi, I finally exposed a preview from my new series Vanitas; the first artwork fron my new cycle is visibile behind me in the picture below. It is a Tiffany branded Coffin!
How do you say? #AlwaysAndForever
My artworks usually are totally digital, but this time I used real flowers, ribbons and photography.. In short, it is a real handmade coffin!



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Museum Factory / Poetry reading

I have already told you about the project Museum Factory @ Museum Irpino in which I exposed my POPbottles, now I will tell you about the performance during the final evening ot the kermesse.
On 11 and 12 April, I took part in an interesting and unusual performance in collaboration with the b-boy Gianluca Iki, the drummer Ciro Roca and the poet Paolo Battista.
My rhapsodies + Paolo’s poems + breakdance by Iki + drum set by Ciro = minutes of experimentation. Here are some pictures! ;)

Vi ho già parlato, in uno degli ultimi post, dell’expo Museum Factory presso il Museo Irpino, in cui ho esposto le mie POPbottles. Ora vi racconto della serata conclusiva del ciclo di eventi collegato al progetto. Venerdì 10 aprile (e sabato 11), ho preso parte ad una performance interessante – e poco consueta – insieme al b-boy Gianluca Iki, il batterista Ciro Roca e il poeta Paolo Battista.
Le mie rapsodie + le poesie di Paolo + breakdance di Iki + drum set di Ciro = minuti interi di sperimentazione. Di seguito qualche foto! ;)

anna_utopia_giordano_museumfactory (2)

anna_utopia_giordano_museumfactory (6)

anna_utopia_giordano_museumfactory (3)

anna_utopia_giordano_museumfactory (4)

anna_utopia_giordano_museumfactory (5)

anna_utopia_giordano_museumfactory (1)

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Museum Factory

It has been a long time since my last blog post, this happened because of the large amount of work (mostly graphic projects) during the last few months.  However, I frequently update my social networks so you can follow me on instagram, facebook or twitter.
Here are some photos from one of the last group show: Museum Factory (march 2015) @ Museo Irpino, in which I exposed some POPBottles prints on forex (100x70cm).
You can find more info about Museum Factory here:
Ps: I wear a pink dress by Zara and a black jacket by Versace.

È passato molto tempo dal mio ultimo post su questo blog, la causa principale è stata la grande mole di lavoro (progetti di grafica, per lo più) degli ultimi mesi. Aggiorno con più frequenza i social network, quindi se volete potete seguirmi su instagram, facebook o twitter.
Le fotografie che pubblico oggi sono scattate durante una delle ultime mostre collettive: Museum Factory (marzo 2015), presso il Museo Irpino, in cui ho esposto alcune stampe (100x70cm) dal mio progetto POPBottles.
Trovate info su Museum Factory qui:
Ps: Indosso un vestito rosa di Zara e una giacca nera di Versace.

anna_utopia_giordano_museum_factory (1)

Anna Utopia Giordano during Museum Factory’s opening

anna_utopia_giordano_museum_factory (3)

Anna Utopia Giordano + POPBottles (pic by Michele Mari)

anna_utopia_giordano_museum_factory (4)

Anna Utopia Giordano + POPBottles (pic by Tigre)

anna_utopia_giordano_museum_factory (2)

Anna Utopia Giordano + POPBottles (pic by Tigre)

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Naked Truths

The project Naked Truths, in which I am involved as mentor (and as always I’m an all-rounder who also manages other aspects if needed), is born thanks to the enthusiastic ideative spirit of Bianca S. Mendoza, a talented American choreographer. After reading the first draft of what she had in mind I could not do anything but accept the proposal despite the many miles away… I thank Binki for contacting and involving me with this amazing project.

The main question of the project is:

What is exploitation of the nude human body and when does it come into play?

I am sure that this will be an amazing journey around the concept of the body.  Maybe it will be hard as all trips in more or less “wild” areas, but you will see many interesting things.

(Is the body a wild territory?)

naked truths

A few words about me and my body…
Writing poems, acting, posing as a photo model, live performances, creative social and conceptual projects: all of this has spontaneously led me to think about  the body and my relationship with it.  And as much as I try to develop a clear opinion about it I am promptly disrupted by new collaborations that make me know new aspects of the human mind and body.  This is why my idea about these topics is constantly changing and, in the Naked Truths‘s context, I prefer not to give a precise explanation of what I think about it and instead I prefer to share with you a few questions:

Why do you think what you think?
Why do you do what you do?
How and how much are thought and action connected?
What does it mean to “control” the body?
Be & Appear: where are the limits?
How are stereotypes and myths constructed? And would humans be able to live without them?
How much influence do the media and education have in our relationship  with ourselves?

If you want to share with us your point of view on the subject and be part of the Naked Truths then take a look at the official website and get involved! We want to hear your voice!