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Propagation and detection – Enzo Cillo e Renato Grieco

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Online su Morphrame, galleria d’arte digitale attiva sul mio sito ufficiale e parte del network White Page Gallery, Enzo Cillo e Renato Grieco dal 20 giugno al 19 luglio con il video Propagation and Detection.

Propagation and Detection
Enzo Cillo, Renato Grieco
20 June – 19 July 2022

“Propagation and Detection” is a work that investigates the space of an immaterial point. Dissecting an image of the Parthenon and revealing what is hiding in the invisible field, inside the mechanics dispositive, within the wave’s propagation. The visible represents exactly a point, the concrete limit of a distance, which is perceived by human eyes; a recognisable sign that changes into something else, matter changing into an imprint.

Enzo Cillo: I’m interested in the mechanisms of perception and thinking of the image as a set of shapes and distances. My research investigates the meaning of space within the image. My works try to deconstruct the visible field, emptying it from its meaning. Moving forward I had the opportunity to rethink not only at the video itself but also at the moment when projection is meant as the spatial extension of the image.
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Renato Grieco: Nowadays I’m involved in several sound activities which finds me working on topics such as listening, archiving, questioning space trough producing and recording sounds. Since 2012 I’ve been training myself to master repetitive movements both feeble or very projective and I spent a lot of time designing tools or spaces for listening, speaking inside objects, listening through objects, all of this with a critical attitude regarding sound ecology. I just try to not place myself in the border between scientific nor theoretical thoughts. I assume listening as a proper cognitive tool itself, which affect intellect and body with its own semantics, humor and tragic nature.
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