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A haunted memory error – Matteo Campulla

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Online su Morphrame, galleria d’arte digitale attiva sul mio sito ufficiale e parte del network White Page Gallery, Matteo Campulla con il solo show A haunted memory error.

A haunted memory error
Matteo Campulla

11 April – 11 May 2022 on Morphrame

Are we really living in an interesting times of change or is it just an illusion? Each insignificant event is emphasized, where the expectation of an event is more important than reality itself. A present that repeats itself always the same has canceled our future, leaving only time to wait. Entertained by our psychoses, we exist waiting for the only real change: not existing at all. Do we really care? Or is being here now the only thing that really matters? Are we only monkeys bored in the sun?

Matteo Campulla (Iglesias, Sardinia – 1982) is an interdisciplinary artist, influenced by contemporary culture and the contamination between languages. He works mainly through digital and new media, mixing his artistic training with what he learned as a television production technician, who therefore finds his greatest expression in sound and video. He immediately uses the glitch and the error as an aesthetic description of the contemporary crisis of the individual and his perception of reality, in the loop of the hyper-connected everyday life.

Keep in touch with the artist: Official Website – Instagram – Facebook – YouTube – Twitter

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