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Morphrame – White Page Gallery/s

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My online free digital art gallery Morphrame is online, it is part of the larger White Page Gallery Network.
Morphrame hosts poetry, experimental music, video art, new media art, performing art and, if you have a video or streaming link, theatrical performances. I am currently open for suggestions for the upcoming shows, write me for more info.

From the WPG/s statement: “The White Page Gallery is a new culture for art curatorial practices based on the values such as sharing, caring, openness and inclusivity. The White Page Gallery/s are a distributed community and network made of independent online galleries in the format of web page hosted on the websites of artists, curators, academies, festivals and other art and cultural operators and aficionados. The White Page Gallery is a concept happening every time someone or a group of people opens a WPG on their/her/his website dedicating a web page to others’s exhibitions and art projects. The White Page Gallery happens every time a connection and a collaboration are established between a host and a guest. The WPG’s host offers a space and the setting up. The WPG’s guests offer the contents. Every host of the WPG has their/her/his own rules for their own gallery.”

Author: Utopia

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