Anna Utopia Giordano

Rewind. Arte a Napoli 1980-1990

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Me @ Castel Sant’Elmo during the opening of the expo Rewind. Arte a Napoli 1980-1990 curated by Angela Tecce. In these pictures, I am with paintings by Gerardo Vangone (top-left), Ninì Sgambati (lower-left) and “Scala con cieli” by Geoffrey Hendricks.

Eccomi durante l’opening della mostra “Rewind. Arte a Napoli 1980-1990”, a Castel Sant’Elmo, curata da Angela Tecce. Nelle fotografie vedete quadri di Gerdardo Vangone (in alto a sinistra), Ninì Sgambati (in basso a sinistra) e “Scala con cieli” di Geoffrey Hendricks.


Anna Utopia Giordano @ Rewind / Castel Sant’Elmo / 19-12-2014



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