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An Interview with Alfonso Lentini: words, world and the “bite of things”

Naked Truths

Naked Truths has interviewed  Alfonso Lentini, an Italian writer and artist, about his vision of the body and his latest book “Luminosa signora, lettera veneziana di amore ed eresia” (Bright Lady, venetian letter of love and heresy) (Pagliai, 2011). In his expositions and art-installations he exposes “objectual poems”, art-book and artworks based on increase value of the material and gestural dimensions of the word. He is the author, in collaboration with Aurelio Fort, of the international artistic project “Resistere per Ri\esistere” (Resist to Re\exist) culminated April 25, 2013 with a large urban installation in Belluno during the national Liberation Day. He published “Piccolo inventario degli specchi” and “Un bellunese di Patagonia” (Ed. Stampa Alternativa). His book “Cento madri” (Foschi, 2009) won the prize “Città di Forlì”.

What does it mean for you the word “body”?

I imagine the body as a system of sensors through which…

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