Anna Utopia Giordano

Snow White or Queen Grimhilde ?

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Anna Utopia as Snow White

 Spot concept & design by Lapsus lab from “Byte into an Apple” painting by IABO – Set Design / Director: IABO – Screenplay / Video Editing / Snow White: A. Utopia G. – thanx to CREF

Anna Utopia as Queen Grimhilde – Land in Eden
Location: Edenlandia (Naples, italy) – Ph: Elia Vaccaro – Model: Anna Utopia G. – Dress: Littleblackdress from the “Enchanted Collection” – Makeup: Annamaria Sarpone – Hair: Giovansante Hair – Logo Design: Iabo – Assistant: Vittorio Curzio, Raffaella Mazzara, Anna Di Sarno

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